Eagles Fan Selling His Championship Nissan Maxima — $15,000

via Craigslist
Wearing a jersey in public as an adult is largely frowned upon if you’re not a college student at an outdoor music festival. With that in mind, what’s the ruling on dudes driving cars dedicated to their favorite team? Tacky? Or acceptable if the wife allows it?
via Craigslist
If you’re an Eagles fan who is lucky to have the latter, there’s a 2012 Nissan Maxima SV available in Philly that you may have interest in for the repeat season. It comes fully loaded with an Eagles Super Bowl 52 championship wrap on the sides. There doesn’t appear to be anything custom here, just an Eagles fan trying to capitalize on preseason hype… we respect the move.
From the ad:

Eagles Championship Nissan Maxima SV fully loaded
$15000 or best offer

Comparable used models that don’t have an Eagles flair go for around $10,000-$13,000. Make your best offer and stunt around suburbia.
*As always, no one on BC has connections to the seller and will not receive commission on a potential sale.

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