Buy This Los Angeles Chargers Tailgate Short Bus — $8,000

via Craigslist
I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sports-themed vehicle in Los Angeles in my life (everyone is much too cool for that), but now that the city has two professional NFL teams it doesn’t really want it makes sense to a few hitting Craigslist.
via Craigslist
If you’re a contrarian LA fan who’s adopted the cursed AF Chargers over the Rams, look no further than this 1991 Ford short bus. Outside of a few Chargers logos, it’s a grey box with four wheels. Pretty boring. That being said the low-key look might be best to avoid attention from ruffian Rams fans looking for a fight.
From the ad:

I converted this bus into a party bus and had a great time with it at tailgate and out with friends.
Its a 1990 Ford Short Bus – Deisel. Very low milage, less than 8000 miles.
Has inverter, TV, lights and new seats. New carpet. A pocket door between cab and back area.
Extra tint windows.
New Breaks, steering, alternator, new marine grade batteries, turn up and more. Solid and safe.
I’ve got about 14K into this rig.

As far as pricing is concerned, the seller says he is firm at $8,000. Don’t let that stop you from negotiating, he’s already accepting a $6,000 loss here.
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