Iggy Azalea Confirms She’s Dating DeAndre Hopkins [UPDATE…Maybe Not]

You might’ve some screenshots floating around the internet this week of DeAndre Hopkins shooting his shot in Iggy Azalea’s IG comment section. At least, at the time it looked like he was shooting his shot. Now it appears he was just in there supporting his lady because Iggy went on Y100 in Miami and confirmed her relationship with Houston Texan without any push back at all.

Now, anyone who watches football for 12 hours straight on Sundays knows that DeAndre Hopkins is an absolute monster and easily the most underrated receiver in the league. I think he DEFINITELY knows what he’s doing here by cuffing up Iggy. He’s gotta boost that profile because even though he’s consistently out there making ridiculous plays, I feel like he’s never in the top receiver conversation. Now he’s transcending sports. His notoriety probably doubled this week just by confirming this relationship.

Hopefully, this athlete relationship works out better than the last one for Iggy.

Here he was in the comment section

DeAndre Hopkins with the full court press on Iggy now. He’s just a squirrel trying to get a nut. I now stan for Hopkins. pic.twitter.com/dQAwPieYrV

— JR Swish (@Jr717_daKid) August 6, 2018

Iggy and Hopkins #confirmed pic.twitter.com/dPJp5DWL1f

— dont speak to me, peasant (@stephtbh) August 7, 2018

And your reminder that Hopkins is a savage


— JzoSports (@JzoSports) December 25, 2017

UPDATE: Looks like they’re reversing course on this one


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