Lions Fan Looking To Unload Sleek Tailgate Van — $4,500

via Craigslist

Is this the season Matthew Stafford finally leads the Detroit Lions to its first division title since 1993? Ehhhhhhh. We are talking about the Lions, so probably not — if anything it’s best to set the bar at 8-8 and possibly a Wild Card spot. Those are reasonable expectations for a team that has done the Jeff Fisher thing of going 9-7 the last two seasons.

via Craigslist

One Lions fan appears to be tapping out from mediocrity and losing and wants to move his 2003 Ford E-150 tailgate van. It has 93,000 miles on the odometer and features 22-inch blue rims and the helmet stripe running down the middle of the van. The seller says he’s “just looking for something different.”

From the ad:

93k on van motor and trans. Dual a/c 22 inch d boy rims 2 new tires. Just looking for something different what’s out there

The 2018 Lions home schedule:

— Jets
— Patriots
— Packers
— Seahawks
— Panthers
— Bears
— Rams
— Vikings

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