Heath Evans Breaks Silence Over Firing For Sexual Harassment At NFL Network

My silence is over!
Attached to these next few tweets is my first public statement since being falsely accused of sexual harassment 8 months ago.
PLEASE READ. pic.twitter.com/e2RjlYW7UQ

— Heath Evans (@HeathEvans44) August 9, 2018

Heath Evans has had enough of the silence he agreed to with the NFL Network and it’s time to set the record straight over the sexual harassment allegation that has now cost him his job. Fired July 27, Heath took to Twitter today to share his side of the story in a case where a makeup artist accused that Heath Evans “sent nude pictures of himself on at least two occasions,” that he “constantly propositioned Plaintiff to have sex with him,” and that he “made several sexually inappropriate comments to Plaintiff, such as, ‘you’re making me horny,’ and ‘needed to get in you deep and hard.’”

As you can see in the tweets sent out, Heath doesn’t shy away from the fact that some nudes were sent, but contends it was a mutual agreement that nudes needed to be sent to each other.

“I immediately told the Network that approximately two years ago, my accuser and I had exchanged mutual flirtations that included her sending me and me sending her pictures of a sexual nature,” Evans says. “I regret having engaged in the picture exchange. Nothing ever came of the mutual flirtations and we remained friends during and after her employment ended at the Network.”

“I provided the Network with these texts, turned over my current and old cell phone and earnestly participated in their discovery process,” Evans explains. “After providing the NFL Network with the evidence, the Network kept me on the air and seemingly went to bat for me. When then reports came out that the NFL Network had settled the lawsuit with my accuser, the NFL Network immediately started threatening to fire me with cause if I wouldn’t sign their silencing agreements. In exchange for signing, they offered to pay out my contract and allow me to handle the language and my resignation letter. After refusing to sign their silencing agreements multiple times the NFL fired me Friday evening July 27th.”

Heath had some Twitter issues back in 2012 where someone gained control of his account and claimed that he was using the account to pull poon. Of course Heath used the hacked defense and life went on.

NOTE: For Clarity, on the text message screenshots, the frown emoji was sent b/c I forgot to call back. I responded with a voice text b/c I was driving. I also forgot to respond after her last response on 9/30/2017. pic.twitter.com/Nl3B2e1pLr

— Heath Evans (@HeathEvans44) August 9, 2018

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