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Kevin Federline hauled Britney Spears’ ass back to court for more money

From LVRJ:

Britney Spears is not merely an entertainer. She’s a one-woman corporation.

Spears’ 2017 earnings have been made public during her custody battle with her ex-husband, ex-dancer and current midlevel DJ Kevin Federline.

In financial records published by Entertainment Tonight, Spears earned $56,562,912.38 in 2017.

We can credit Spears’ residency at Axis theater, which ended Dec. 31, and her worldwide tour for those staggering numbers. Reportedly, Federline has reviewed Spears’ earning power and sought an increase in child-support payments from the current $20,000 per month he’s been allotted to $60,000.

I was talking to someone the other day about Kevin Federline’s life as Britney Spears’ baby daddy and how his day must look being a stay-at-home-dad and a total loser when Britney has the kids. If there was ever a reality show — unfiltered, not this stupid multi-camera reality garbage they call reality these days — I’d want to see, it would be one where Federline is followed from 6 a.m. (no way he’s up) to 1 a.m. just passed out with pizza in his hands and watching Cinemax. Imagine this fool with $60,000 a month. I’m actually shocked he’s not getting more than $20k/month out of Brit Brit. How can he possibly live in Hollywood on that kind of money? Something tells me she’s about to pay his ass about $35,000 a month. Seems like a nice way to settle this court dispute.

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Four different 500 HR hitters hit home runs in this game: Hank Aaron HR #224 / Wille McCovey HR #32 / Willie Mays HR #286 & #287 / Eddie Matthews HR #341

I can't imagine there was another game where more 500 HR hitters hit home runs?

— Jeremy Scheuch (@jeremyscheuch) August 8, 2018

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NEW: Woman shoots masturbating bicyclist trying to break into her home in SE Houston, police say #hounews


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My favorite part of #HardKnocks came in the final credits courtesy of former #Redskins defensive coordinator Gregg Williams losing his voice:

"No shit I got a lozenge, bitch!"

— Jake Russell (@_JakeRussell) August 8, 2018


— HLB (@secretsexpot) August 7, 2018

"Andy's coming!"

— AngelTFC (@AngeITFC) August 6, 2018

Dammit, first the old man dies and now this

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(H/T @JohnGar09657271)

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Should the Lakers sign this dog?

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Bucs QB Jameis Winston and Hulk Hogan, a guest at practice today.

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Cuba Little League champions ready to head to Williamsport

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This is the only important thing to ever be posted on LinkedIn

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Exclusive: 62yo Laura Prince had 126 cats + three rabbits living in her North Potomac townhome + Silver Spring condo.

This is our first look at the indoor conditions.

Workers wore hazmat suits while rescuing animals due to the overwhelming stench of ammonia + flea infestation.

— Kevin Lewis (@ABC7Kevin) August 9, 2018

are we gonna talk about this?

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Steven Seagal looks like Wilford Brimley in witness protection

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Oh, y’all thought Barbara didn’t hit the 2nd verse?? YOU THOUGHT

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