Jarvis Landry Gives A Speech For The Ages, Kim Slides Into Home & Brogan Roback’s Hair Shines

Good luck going to Vegas with your wife/girlfriend & getting out of going to this one

From the LVRJ:

Lady Gaga is heading to Las Vegas for a residency in December and offering fans two kinds of shows.

The singer announced Tuesday that she will kick off the first of 27 performances at the Park Theater on Dec. 28.

“Lady Gaga Enigma” will highlight the pop star’s biggest and upbeat hits, while “Lady Gaga Jazz & Piano” will feature more stripped-down songs. Tickets go on sale Aug. 13.

This is one of those times where you’ll want to go to Vegas with another couple. You and your buddy send the wives shopping and to Gaga while you go on a sportsbook drunken bender.

Numbers from :

CC Sabathia is the first player 38 years old or older with 12+ strikeouts in a game since Randy Johnson on August 22, 2008 against the Marlins. Johnson had 13 strikeouts in that start. pic.twitter.com/hFRz6BErDI

— ESPN Stats & Info (@ESPNStatsInfo) August 8, 2018

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Jarvis Landry is going to fuck around & get a statue in Cleveland before the regular season pic.twitter.com/f7LbHNedMX

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) August 8, 2018

@bustedcoverage It's lit in Oakland tonight. We have the ghost of Al Davis and fake Marlins man behind home plate. https://t.co/sJ0TmidB00
KGBPutin (@KgbPutin) August 08, 2018


Bullshit. Eldrick's pounding Denny's waitresses to help with that inflammation pic.twitter.com/TQub2187du

— ESPN Drunk (@EspnDrunk) August 8, 2018


I miss old fashioned baseball pic.twitter.com/fJfvZ0lYLP

— Denlesks (@Denlesks) August 7, 2018

McMurphy has now gone from letting the chopper spray to full Commando pic.twitter.com/jhUhGuNVON

— Dan (@AtIantaDan) August 7, 2018

🚨🚨🚨 BROGAN ROBACK ALERT ON HARD KNOCKS 🚨🚨🚨 @edsbs pic.twitter.com/zYUbsN5DAT

— Hustle Belt (@HustleBelt) August 8, 2018

Hey @bustedcoverage only 17 for the price of 1 specials at the Duval County Fair tonight. Get em while they are hot @onlyinduval904 Photo by @C40dash8 pic.twitter.com/B1i16cLmIQ

— Solomon Tucker (@babesandballers) August 8, 2018

BREAKING NEWS: Ohio State Introduces Lead Investigator In Urban Meyer Case pic.twitter.com/Fw28gOTLfV

— Denlesks (@Denlesks) August 7, 2018

Fournette in the cold weather gear getting ready for New England in January. No days off. pic.twitter.com/RqYOA0qPvD

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) August 7, 2018

TAXI movie actor got in fight in a Moscow bar, got beaten by Belarusia people for as one of them say "behaving like a gopnik" pic.twitter.com/DnW0qdo3XC

— English Russia (@EnglishRussia1) August 7, 2018