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You’ll have another Vegas sign to take a photo with when you go to Sin City

From the LVRJ:

A pair of 26-foot-tall showgirls now greet northbound visitors to downtown Las Vegas, part of a roughly $400,000 sign display.

The city’s new gateway sign, on a small strip of land in front of the Denny’s on Las Vegas Boulevard, just north of the Stratosphere, will officially be lit at dusk Tuesday.

A previous sign welcoming people to downtown Las Vegas was mangled when a motorist hit it in 2016.

That sign resembled the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign that sits at the southern end of the Strip. Many of the out-of-town visitors who pose beneath that iconic sign may not realize they’d have to trek about 4½ miles north to actually set foot in the city of Las Vegas.

Uber drivers will end up at this sign 25 times on a Wednesday when the tourists from the midwest hear about this sign. It’ll take about 3-4 months for word to spread across midwestern Facebook, but once it gets out, all the wives will need this pic for their Facebook pages. Uber drivers will make a fortune off people from Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Illinois.

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