Florida Man Threatens To Blow Up Woman's House After She Refuses To Sleep With Him Because She's Lesbian

Nicholas Kevin Chew
Guys, you can’t be out here asking for your girlfriend’s girlfriend to (allegedly) sleep with you if she’s full-on lesbian. It’s just not going to happen if she’s not down with the D. You have to know this stuff if it’s your girlfriend’s girlfriend. Maybe Nicholas Kevin Chew of Marathon, Florida thought he could transform the friend into liking D. That had to be his mindset on this one.
The problem: Nick took it to the next level during an afternoon text exchange where he allegedly told the woman he’d blow up her house for not sleeping with him. Guys, you can’t be doing that at 2 p.m. on a Saturday.
From the Miami Herald:

“I will blow your f—ing house up,” read the text, according to the police report.
Nicholas Kevin Chew, 41, of Marathon, was arrested at his home Aug. 4 after telling police the whole thing was a joke and a misunderstanding.

Chew told police the woman was threatening his relationship, police said.
A transcript of the text conversation was included in the arrest report. It starts at 11:58 p.m. when “Nick” texts the woman. He asks her to have sex with him and not tell his girlfriend.
“You do know I’m gay, right?” the woman responded.

The ultimate box out. Uh, you know I’m gay. Now Nicholas is up on a felony and you have to think he’s going to miss some shifts at his waiter gig.

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