Nick Saban Autographing A JUUL, ESPN Wishes Scott Van Pelt Happy Birthday & Mike Sherman Having Issues

Remember a couple years ago when I shot video of the robots making french fries?

From Vegas Inc. :

Automated robots are slowly entering the Las Vegas workforce, bringing futuristic advancements that make certain tasks more convenient. But some technologies are raising concerns for the Culinary Workers Union.

From the Tipsy Robot at Planet Hollywood, which employs automated arms in place of human bartenders, to Vdara’s Fetch and Jett robots who deliver snacks, sundries, and spa products, these advancements are becoming a very real part of the hospitality world — so much that during recent union contract negotiations, automation has become a topic of increasing importance, officials said.

“We’ve seen a robotic concierge, robotic cooks that can make burgers, delivery robots that can go up to rooms, (robotic) bartenders … so we know automation technology is here,” said Bethany Khan, the union’s director of communications and digital strategy. “We want to make sure Culinary Union members are protected, that they have a say in how technology is implemented in their jobs.”

HERE WE GOOOOOOOOO…robot drivers, robot french fries maker, robotic bartenders, delivery robots, drones delivering Amazon purchases. Now is the time to figure out how to make money off of robots. Don’t get afraid of the robots, you have to figure out a way to cash in and make a small fortune. The robots will need social media pages.

Numbers from :

On Sunday, Trevor Story became the 2nd SS with consecutive 4-RBI games twice in same season since RBI became official in 1920.

Other to do it: Hall-of-Famer Luke Appling in 1936.

Story's 14 career 4-RBI games tie Troy Tulowitzki for most by a SS in @Rockies history

— ESPN Stats & Info (@ESPNStatsInfo) August 6, 2018

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When grandpa insists on wearing the headphones during the self-guided historical site tour

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@bustedcoverage MJ just landed in Maui.
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@espn so do y’all like @kylekuzma dunks or not?? 😂😂
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The most incredible thing about the Dodgers scoring 21 runs last night was that they did it in 10 innings.

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@bustedcoverage "That Dick Farts"?
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@billburr a guy took his shoes off at a Red Sox game…
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Two weeks before:

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Mark Davis Praises Jon Gruden, Says He Sees Something In Him That He Absolutely Loves

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