UNLV Soccer Player Paige Almendariz Ready To Go After Big Summer On IG










How do I know it’s college soccer SZN? UNLV IG superstar Paige Almendariz posted last week that it’s officially college soccer SZN (see below) and I instantly knew it was time. It was nearly a year ago when I had Danny the Intern blog about Paige. One thing led to another and here we are with Paige entering her junior season with a full summer of IG modeling on her resume and 12 starts for the Runnin Rebels in 2017 (started 22 games in 2016).
Danny tried to warn you guys that Paige would end up a big star and here we are with the Sacramento native closing in on 40k IG followers, which is better than anything else on her resume when she leaves school. Think about this for a minute…let’s say she doubles that over the next year and then leaves UNLV with over 100k IG followers. If I’m an employer, I’m looking at that and finding a spot for Paige within my organization. Don’t even care what her major was. I put her right on the marketing team.
As for the Runnin’ Rebels soccer team, they were 13-7 in 2017, including a 9-1 home record.  The season gets rolling August 19 vs. Sacramento State.


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