Meet Paige Almendariz — UNLV Soccer Player

Every once in a while we come across a college soccer player or volleyball player that has the raw potential to be an internet star. We saw it last year with Duke soccer player, Morgan Reid,¬†who’s now got over 100,000 IG followers and is setting the internet on fire on a regular basis. It’s that rare combination of being smoking hot and athletic all at once. Dudes love hot athletic girls.
I think we might have that potential here with UNLV soccer player, Paige¬†Almendariz. She’s only a sophomore, but with a little exposure, I think we could possibly have another star here. And she’s not just a pretty face. She started all but one of the team’s 23 games last year as a defender and finished the year with four assists.
Not to mention, by the looks of her IG, she also used to be a dancer. We’re looking at the total package here.
[IG – @paigey_poo6]

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