23 NSFWBDs Analyze The Ray Lewis Hall Of Fame Speech

What a weekend it was for Ray Lewis in Canton. Half of Baltimore showed up to see their hero go into the Pro Football Hall of Fame and sit through his 30+ minute speech that, as you’d expect, turned into a megachurch preacher sermon that even had many of the BDs out there zoned out. Ray Ray remains one of the least respected preachers inside the BD community and Saturday didn’t do anything to change that.
There were a couple highlights to the night for the BDs:
• Ray sweating through his HOF jacket (it was HOTT AF in Canton this weekend…I was there sweating through a couple shirts)
• Ray telling the world that he still kisses his grown kids on the lips
Look, it was just about what you’d expect from Ray Ray. It was rambling. It was Ray trying to make himself sound like he’s some deep thinker. It was Ray telling us all what the Bible says, but we have no clue what he’s saying because he can’t keep his speeches under control so we all zone out.
We also learned that Ray and Michael Phelps are like best friends. The BDs seem glad that this HOF stuff is behind us and we can move on to more important things like Browns preseason games.

Here’s Ray Ray embarrassing his kids:


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