Watch Ray Lewis' Kids React To Him Telling The World He Still Kisses Them On The Mouth

If you made it through Ray Lewis’ sweaty, 30-plus minutes of rambling he called his Hall of Fame speech, you probably caught this snippet which was by far the best part of the speech. Just Ray up on stage telling thousands in person and probably millions on TV that he still kisses his children on the mouth, who are all relatively older in age. It’s not like like we’re talking about toddlers here.Hell of a job by the cameraman to pan down the line and catch all of their disgusted reactions at the perfect moment. And fantastic work by the director to cut to them right when he announces this to the world.
Just imagine how much your parents embarrassed you when you were a teenager, then turn that up to 100 and that’s what I imagine Ray’s kids were going through last night. The kissing on the mouth stuff was tough, but the whole speech, in general, was just one giant cringefest for all of us watching. I can’t even imagine what those kids were thinking when that speech starting going off the rails.Dad up there looking like he’s giving a Ted Talk with his Britney Spears mic. Once we got a mention of sex trafficking, you just knew those kids were ready to high tail it outta there.
Upset of the night: the fact that he didn’t break the record for longest speech. The way it felt, you’d think he would’ve doubled it easily.

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