James Franklin Shows Off His Big Purple Paintball Ass Bruise To The Media

Yep, that’s Penn State head coach James Franklin proudly showing off all his welts, along with his big giant purple ass bruise from a team camaraderie paintball outing. I love the fact the Franklin got in the mix with his team. Most coaches would sit this one out, but he understands there are sacrifices to be made when you’re a big-time college football coach. Sometimes you have to take some paintballs to the ass to get the respect of your squad.
I picture him out there leading the charge like Captain Miller from Saving Private Ryan. Calm, cool, collected, willing to sacrifice his body for the betterment of the team. He literally had welts from head to toe. When it came to his media availability today, he had no problem lifting up those shorts and showing the big J’s his ass this afternoon.

As it turns out, however, his guys actually turned on him after he got popped once. He explained during the presser:

The rules were, when you got shot you put the gun above your head, and you run off the field, and no one’s supposed to shoot you, at that time. And I got shot in the first round when I was at the far end of the field, and I put my gun up to run off the field, and literally the entire team just sprayed me.

Here’s the full presser…skip to about 6:15 for the paintball story

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