Seattle Fan Made His Way Onto To The Field Last Night During The Mariners-Red Sox Game

Before we get to the videos of this fan storming Safeco Field last night, I’d like to say one thing. Can these broadcasts sack up and just show these guys when they’re out there reliving the glory days trying to outrun security? What kind of moral stand are they taking here? We live in 2018, there’s going to be videos of the fan everywhere anyways. Just show it. We’re here for entertainment.

But I digress, let’s get to videos we do have. Since we don’t have a broadcast version, most of these start a little late seeing as fans aren’t sitting in the bleachers with a phone in hand waiting for the slim possibility that some drunk idiot decides to make the night about himself.

What we have will do the job, though. The clip starts right as security is taking him down. Not sure how long he was stumbling around out there before the former high school football players were able to take him out.

And then we have him getting escorted off the field, apparently oblivious to the fact that he’s likely staring a $5000 fine and a lifetime ban from Safeco in the face. His dad is probably a lawyer.

See? Not the most satisfying videos in the world, but they got the job done. For the last time, SHOW THESE ON THE BROADCAST.

Speaking of Seattle fans…they were on fire last night


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