Watch All Four Interceptions From Johnny Football's CFL Debut

The good news for Johnny Manziel is that it literally can’t get any worse than it did last night in his CFL debut. When you go full Nathan Peterman and throw 4 picks in the first half, then get benched in the 4th quarter, you pretty much can only go up. The fact that this has only happened twice over the last 10 seasons isn’t the greatest look, but it’s good to know where the floor is. I’m not going to sit here and make excuses for the guy, but we have to remember that he’s been on this team for 5 minutes. He’s not going to be the JFF of old when he doesn’t even know his receivers’ names yet.
One of these interceptions you’re about to see was not his fault, but just about everything else was. The arm strength could probably use some work. He looked like Peyton Manning after 17 neck surgeries out there on some of those throws.
Still, though, we saw some old school JFF flashes with him scrambling around and improvising. That’s pretty much all I wanted to see. Just give a glimpse of what possibly could come down the line.

Here are all four INT’s from JFF’s CFL debut

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the two tackles he had last night as well. Not everything on that stat sheet was negative.

His post-game comments were actually very good

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Buy RG3's Giant Texas Lake House — $2.6 Million
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