WWE's Kane Is Your New Mayor Of Knox County, Tennessee

Glenn Jacobs aka Kane aka the Big Red Machine aka The Undertaker’s brother won the mayoral race in Knox County, Tennessee on Thursday night. It was back 2 years ago, in 2016, when we first heard about Kane looking to make a jump into politics now that his wrestling career had come to an end. Last night, he actually pulled it off in a landslide victory.

What a career for this guy. Think about it all he’s been through to reach this point.
His brother set his parents on fire when they were kids, he grew up locked in a basement, then he finally got his revenge and buried his brother alive, who later returned from the dead. Then he eventually formed an alliance with his brother and wreaked havoc on the WWE for a good while. And now he’s a mayor in the third most populous county in Tenessee. It’s a story for the ages, really.

Here’s a clip from his victory speech

Back in May, he only won the Republican primary by 17 votes. Fast forward a few months and he’s dominating this election like the 2001 Royal Rumble when he tossed 11 guys out of the ring.

Knox County’s new mayor

Let’s run it back one more time


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