Benoit Paire Smashes Rackets, Blows Kisses In Citi Open Meltdown

French tennis player Benoit Paire, currently ranked No. 55 in the world, is known for being a bit of a hothead on the court (see examples 1, 2, and 3), and he lived up to his reputation Tuesday night at the Citi Open.
Fans who had tickets for Paire-Baghdatis, aka the battle of the blondes, were treated to quite the show as the Frenchman went on a racket-breaking bender after failing to successfully hit an overhead smash in the third set. He would lose the point, and eventually two rackets during his epic outburst. Oh, and he decided to cap the match by not playing out match point:

But wait, there’s more! Paire would then blow kisses to the booing crowd while walking off the court:

What else is there to say other than this man is electric? That being said Paire should be happy he’s a studly French dude, because people go mad when Nick Kyrgios pulls these stunts.

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