This 6-Year-Old Flag Football Player Might Be The Second Coming Of Barry Sanders

Listen closely, do you hear that sound? That’s the sound of Nick Saban on a dead sprint from the practice field to his office so he can make a phone call to the parents of this phenom. Allow me to introduce Rudolph “Blaze” Ingram aka ‘Blaze The Great’, a 6-year-old flag football player who has yet to spare the lives of any ankles on the football field during his short time on this planet.

Let me reiterate that: he’s six years old. The internet has allowed us to see these athletic prodigies at younger and younger ages these days and this kid Blaze feels like one of those we’ll be talking about for like the next decade-plus until he makes his college decision. Kinda like Zion Williamson – who I feel like we’ve been watching high school videos of for 5 years now – but just turned up to 11. Sure, I might be adding to the pressure right now by writing this, but I’ve gandered at his IG page and everything I’m seeing makes it look like this kid is the second coming of Barry Sanders. He’s leaving bodies strewn about the gridiron. He shouldn’t even be on the same field as these other kids his age.

The footwork and the quickness and the fact that he’s already moving the ball to the opposite hand is the kind of intangibles you can’t teach. And the kind of intagibles that will have college coaches ready to commit a handful of NCAA recruiting violations. Not to mention the kid has a six-pack that Eddie Lacy dreams about every night. I feel like I’m being bodyshamed just watching these videos.

He’s already gotten a shout out from LeBron