Melanie Paul Wants Your IG Attention, Serial Farter Terrorizing West Village & Michigan QB Is Playing Baseball

How about a WNBA doubleheader tonight? No? What about some baseball you could not care less about? No? That leaves some soccer, international golf on the Golf Channel and HGTV stuff for your wife to geek out on. Look, we’re one night away from NFL action. I’ll be in Canton for the Thursday festivities. I need to see what a HOF Game tailgate looks like. I’m hoping for lots of superfans and Ray Lewis white suits. I need to see this with my own eyes and it’s a day trip so it should be fun.

Melanie Paul is a new IG name that I’ve never heard before

Magic Johnson is off on a $3M yacht-cation

Serial farter is loose in the West Village

Michigan’s QB busy getting in some baseball work at the Triple-A level

Derrick Henry next to Dion Lewis in case you didn’t see Rovell pumping out this one

Florida Man pulls gun on guy who dropped a cig at a state park

Oklahoma woman finds plastic bag in her Arby’s drink

Here’s Maddie from USC

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