Bianca Kmiec Is Back With New IGs, Florida Gators Vs. Gambler & Conor McGregor Squatting A Human In Central Park On A Lovely Day

You’ll get ICC soccer matches tonight across ESPN and WNBA on NBA TV. Of course there will be a few baseball games to fake watch. Or you can go watch some political football over on the usual channels where I assume they’ll be discussing the same stuff they were discussing last night and for the last 500 days. Personally, I recommend one more movie night before we get locked in for Thursday Night Football from the Pro Football Hall of Fame. That’s right, we’re close and my basement project is to the finish work — tape, mud & sand — as I try to get to the finish line before September kickoffs.
Bianca Kmiec told the doctor to inflate those monsters
Gambler, Florida Gators…problems…we have ourselves a controversy
Conor McGregor squatting a human in Central Park for some reason…slow sports day
Chandler Jones went TF OFF on a blocking sled, broke it
Team Australia soccer player takes one right off the dome…probably left a mark
Arkansas old timer orders porn on TV, wife murders him
Looks like it’s going to be REAL HOTT in St. Petersburg, Florida
Here is Hannah from FSU!!

Ric Giving You The Bottom Line Of The Day

Tacos of the Day

Raven Lyn Doing Her Thing On IG, Baker Mayfield vs. Kliff Kingsbury & Beverly Hills Land For $1 Billion
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