Katherine Webb Announces She’s Pregnant With Second Child

Model and artist Katherine Webb took to Instagram on this hump day to drop huge news: she and AJ McCarron are expecting their second child.

Webb revealed she’s five months pregnant with another boy and that the due date is around Christmas.

“It’s getting much harder to hide the bump,” Webb captioned on IG:

Well guys, it’s getting much harder to hide the bump🤰🏻Were so excited to give Tripp a little brother to play with this coming Christmas! 👶🏻 #5monthspregnant

Webb and McCarron welcomed their first child, Tripp, in May of 2016 back when they were still associated with the Cincinnati Bengals. They’ve since relocated to Buffalo where McCarron hopes to win the starting job for the Bills.

Suffice it to say this could be an epic December for the McCarrons (and Bills) if everything goes according to plan. Webb giving birth plus a Bills playoff berth lead by AJ? It could happen.