Mia Khalifa Needs Surgery After Hockey Puck Deflated Her Implant











It’s wild to see where Mia Khalifa’s career has gone ever since her and I crossed paths way back in October 2014 when I was compiling Morning Screencaps and came across a photo of Mia in Florida State gear. The photo went into Screencaps and you guys went nuts. Later that day, Khalifa and I were DMing and a post was published, which I believe was her very first in the sports world. That’s right, I am taking credit for breaking Mia’s Internet career. I seem to remember that month being insane for content. Seem to remember those being fun times before people got real serious and weren’t able to laugh like where we’re at in 2018.
Now she’s at like 9 million IG followers, a bunch of Twitter followers, and people are interested in how her implant was deflated after getting hit by a puck during the Stanley Cup playoffs. All this in less than four years. Unreal.
From the Daily Star:

Now the West Ham fan has revealed she will undergo surgery to fix her breast at the beginning of next year.
Mia Khalifa told Daily Star Online: “I was sitting behind the glass during a game, and it came shooting over the glass and it caught me so off guard and I had no idea it was coming. “I grabbed my chest and I didn’t want to let go, because I felt like if I did let go blood was going to be everywhere. “I got to take it home, it was the single greatest souvenir any hockey fan can get: a game-used puck that comes at you and hits you.
“They’re really heavy, it’s pure rubber, they go at about 80mph. “My left breast is slightly deflated now and I will be getting it fixed next year.”

I’m not sure how this all goes down when it gets fixed, but I assume Mia will be back to ‘normal’ and will keep going strong on IG. I don’t think you guys have anything to worry about here.


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