Buy This Matte Black Cincinnati Bengals Tailgate RV — $4,500

via Craigslist
Training camp is underway and Bengals fans are flooding Craigslist to move their tailgate rides before the season starts up. It’s really a tradition like no other.
Today we’ve got a matte black 1991 Ford RV that is ready to go for what will probably be another season of disappointment. I hate to be a downer, but, you know, how can you really expect change when Marvin Lewis is still around? A .500 record or a Wild Card exit, that’s pretty much the ceiling.
via Craigslist
But getting back to the RV, it’s logged 64,000 miles, “runs like new,” and comes with the standard RV features (bathroom, stove, sink, seating for maybe six) — $4,500 and it is yours.
From the ad:

1991 Ford Bengals RV 64,000 miles, 18 FT. Runs like new and everything works! Bathroom, stove, microwave, fridge, electricity. Kept in garage.

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via Craigslist

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