Cops: Florida Woman Stabs Boyfriend, He Didn't Press Charges, She Was Sent To Hospital & Threw Urine On Nurses

Florida Woman Sarah just couldn’t help herself early Monday morning after getting into it with her boyfriend over who knows what at 2 a.m. at their Florida residence. I wouldn’t be blogging this if Sara didn’t go and create a wild police report with her actions.
From the Daily Commercial:

Sheriff’s deputies called to a house at Azalea Avenue at about 2 a.m. Monday said they found a man sitting in a lawn chair in the front lawn with a stab wound to his abdomen. He said his girlfriend stabbed him, but he didn’t want to press charges.
Inside, deputies found Sara E. Williams, 31, of Sorrento, with a folding knife, a baby bottle and a set of car keys in her hands. She said her boyfriend had put her in a headlock during an argument and punched her repeatedly. The victim’s mother broke up the fight. He was not arrested because officers had no evidence she had attacked him.

The cops ended up taking Sara to the hospital to get evaluated where she…caused a total scene and ended up arrested, this time with charges.

When she asked to use the restroom, she was given a bed pan and escorted by two nurses. When she finished using the pan, she told the nurses, “watch this,” and hurled the pan, splashing both nurses in the face with the urine, according to the report.

This got me thinking, what are some of the disgusting things that nurses have to go through? It’s no wonder nurses party harder than anybody else on like Tuesdays and Wednesdays, plus in Vegas, Put In Bay or any bar across the country. It’s like clockwork. You walk into a bar and see a full table of women ripping shots, ordering more, dancing on tables, etc. and it’s always nurses. You just know without asking.
Take this case. I’m telling you right now, those nurses are getting ripped at some point this week. They have to deal with this disgusting behavior and are going to take it out on a bottle of Fireball on Taco Night.

Just can’t stop smiling:

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