Yankees Fans Held A Candlelight (iPhone Flashlight) Vigil For Aaron Judge After His Injury Was Announced

@Yankees fans holding a candlelight vigil for @TheJudge44 during the game after it was announced that he would miss significant time due to a wrist injury sustained by HBP during his first at-bat. pic.twitter.com/gb6qR4RE9C

— George Myers (@gmyers87) July 27, 2018

By now, you’ve surely heard the news that Aaron Judge is set to miss significant time (around 3 weeks it sounds like) after taking this fastball to wrist last night:

Here's Aaron Judge getting hit by a pitch in the first. He was pissed, clearly. pic.twitter.com/7poeWkuRqM

— Lindsey Adler (@lindseyadler) July 27, 2018

Obviously, it’s a tough break for the Yankees losing your young star outfielder for a big stretch in the 2nd half when you’re fighting for a division. But somehow Yankee fans made it seem like their season was over now last night when the significance of his injury was announced to the crowd at Yankee Stadium. The Bleacher Creatures made it seem like Judge died in some tragic fashion.

Does a 3 week DL stint deserve a stadium-wide candlelight vigil? Apparently so!

Yankee Stadium just became Sanford Stadium. Yankees fans in the seventh turned on their phone lights a la UGA football fans at the start of the fourth quarter. @Yankees @FootballUGA pic.twitter.com/aeuBpIgUVz

— Coley Harvey (@ColeyHarvey) July 27, 2018

It’s so ridiculous and so on brand for Yankee fans that you almost can’t even knock it. These people are so over the top with everything that it actually kind of makes sense they would hold a vigil like Aaron Judge just lost a long battle with cancer. He’ll be back by September people!

There is a candle light vigil for Aaron Judge going on right now. I love everyone here pic.twitter.com/Soo5GgJAm9

— Eric Hubbs (@BarstoolHubbs) July 27, 2018