Devin Booker Reportedly Dating Kylie Jenner's Best Friend Jordyn Woods

I can’t keep up with these Kardashian/Jenner-NBA relationships anymore. I know it’s almost cliche now, but it really feels like these girls find a new NBA player every week. One day Kendall Jenner is with Blake Griffin, the next she’s with Ben Simmons. I think she dated Jordan Clarkson back in the day as well? It’s insane. And we all know the deal with Kim and Khloe and their NBA boyfriends. We could easily field a playoff roster at this point. 40-50 wins, easily.
Now I guess this one isn’t technically a new Kardashian Klan-NBA fling, but it might as well be. It appears Devin Booker has learned nothing from the 8-10 players who previously dealt with this group and he’s decided to dip his toe in the water and see how it plays out. Bold strategy, Cotton! Reports are swirling out there that he’s dating Jordyn Woods, who is Kylie Jenner’s best friend.

MTO News – lylie Jenner’s best friend Jordyn Woods is bating NBA star Devin Booker. MTO News confirmed that the two are “dating”, and that it’s an exclusive arrangement.
We spoke with one of Jordyn’s best friends who tells us, “they’re in love.” The insider continued, “I’m not going to say that they’re getting married because it’s still early, but they’re definitely a couple.”

Apparently, this has been a pretty well-known secret for at least the last three months. They were spotted together this week in LA, which confirmed things further. It’s yet to be seen if Jordyn applies to the Kardashian Kurse. With how tight she is with that inner-circle, I say yes. It’s like guilt by association.

At least he got his bag before the curse takes things south

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