Swaggy P Spotted On NBC LA Discussing The Heat Wave


It’s almost August and Nick Young still doesn’t have a job for the upcoming season. Baffling. Swaggy P is coming off a championship season, the man is officially a proven winner and should get what he deserves: another one-year deal worth a couple mill.
That job will probably come in a month or two from a contender but until then Swaggy will be in LA dealing with a problem everyone rich and poor has — the goddamn heat. NBC 4 Los Angeles randomly caught up with the former Clipper/Laker/Warrior Tuesday to get his take on the heat wave:
What did we learn here? Steel slides burn butts, and it’s Wednesday. I think. Also Swaggy lets his kids wear costumes year round apparently, even when it’s a million degrees outside.
Sidenote: The Swaggy P free agent rumors are beginning to swirl.

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