18 NSFWBDs React To Kevin Love Securing The Bag

Did I really hear Colin Cowherd say today that Kevin Love is a hall of famer? Dafuq? One ring and a bunch of basic AF double-double seasons without postseason success until Bron Bron carried his ass would get Kev into the HOF? I’m not buying that bag of goods. Hell, we don’t know if Kev will make it 20 games into this season. I’m actually smelling an early season injury so he doesn’t have to start playing until around Christmas like all the other big stars.
As for the BDs, they definitely feel that it’s great Love secured the bag, but they’re perplexed by Love getting the bag. They hear $30 million for Love and they start rolling a blunt to forget that a guy like Kevin Love can make that much money.
Kevin will be getting $30 million through his 34th birthday — if he can still move at that age.
But what were the options here for the Cavs? Completely tank or try to keep the bars open and season ticket holders around for a few more years before full tank mode.

The Cavs Backed Up The Brinks Truck For K-Love
The Cavs Backed Up The Brinks Truck For K-Love
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