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No more straws at Reno casino

From the LVRJ:

The Atlantis casino-resort in Reno will stop asking customers if they’d like a plastic straw with their drink.

The resort announced last week that the move aims to help reduce consumption of plastic that ends up in the ocean or sitting in landfills.

Atlantis spokeswoman Tracie Barnthouse says the property isn’t banning straws because some guests require or prefer them.

The Reno Gazette Journal reports the company previously stopped automatically putting straws in drinks and instead asked customers if they’d like one.

Didn’t I just blog about this happening in Vegas like a month ago. Once one place does it, it’s going to be a tsunami of others following suit. I’m not some straw truther, so I don’t care what they’re banning. It’s just interesting to see how fast other casinos jump on the bandwagon. Save the oceans, people.

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