Florida Woman Hits Man Several Times With A Broom & Runs Over His Bike For Breaking Her Vase, Cops Allege

There are ways to settle a broken vase situation and then there’s a Florida broken vase settlement scenario where the vase owner (allegedly) whacked away at a guy with a broom and then that vase owner runs over the guy’s bike. Does Abigail Kerwood really look like a woman who would do such a thing to a guy’s bike?
From Villages-News:

Marion County deputies were dispatched to a home on SE 130th Place at noon Sunday after a woman called to report a violent altercation. She said she watched 27-year-old Abigail Marie Kerwood get upset at a man after he broke a vase. The woman said Kerwood hit the man with a broom several times, then threw his bicycle down on the driveway and ran over it with her car, a sheriff’s office report states.
The deputy noted in his report that a bicycle in the front yard near the driveway had a bent rim, “consistent with being run over with a vehicle.”
The alleged victim told the deputy he didn’t want to speak with him “and incriminate anyone.” He said he didn’t need medical attention and the deputy noted that he didn’t see any obvious injuries on the man.

Kerwood denied hitting the man with a broom. She also said the witness was lying “because she is crazy.”

I need to see a value report on the vase that was broken and the bike that was run over. Was this an eye for an eye situation where the values equaled out or are we talking a Family Dollar vase vs. an $1,800 Mongoose?
As for Abigail, she’s this isn’t her first rodeo with the penal system. This was back in 2010. Just an innocent drug charge.

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