IG Golfer Georgia Clarke Pretty Much Calls Out All The IG Butt Pretenders: "#builtnotbought"









I’ve been waiting a long, long time to find an IG golf models like Georgia Clarke who would throw shade at the IG pretenders out there who have had butt injections so they can turn in world-class IG butt photos. CHEATERS. I’m pro-PEDs in the NFL, MLB, NBA, etc. because I want to see the biggest stars in the world playing the game. I want to see Bron Bron play all 82 and the entire playoffs. On the flip side, I need my IG golf models and IG supermodels to stop it with the butt injections.
#BuiltNotBought is the hashtag Georgia dropped on the pretenders today via a selfie mirror butt shot she dropped on her nearly 20k loyalists. And it’s completely appropriate because the butt doesn’t need to be enhanced if you work hard enough on it. Take it from Georgia who has clearly worked hard on the squat rack. Boooobs are a different story for the IGers. Can’t really shape those without the help of a Beverly Hills genius doctor who can take A-cups and turn them into perfect Cs. Nothing wrong with that, ladies. Go get that work done if it makes you feel empowered on IG.
As for Georgia the golfer (you guys know I like to stick to sports), she plays on the Australian Ladies Professional Golf tour where she hasĀ $4,097.78 in career earnings. I assume that’s in Australian dollars and that’s more than what it seems. I also assume that Georgia makes a whole lot more in endorsements and paid IGs.
In closing, take advice from Georgia and stop taking the shortcut with butt injections. It just makes you look weak.

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Standard.. #happyhumpday #builtnotbought

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