Bryson DeChambeau's U.S. Open Slam Piece Sophia Phalen Celebrates Her Pet Pig's Birthday

Bryson DeChambeau is +3 through 13 holes at The Open Championship as I type up this blog about his U.S. Open Week slam piece Sophia Phalen celebrating her pet pig’s birthday back in the States…I guess…unless this pic was saved on her phone and she’s really in Scotland. When I first saw this pic I thought there was no way Stella the Pig could be that huge, but then I started going back through Sophia’s non-T&A pics and there are Stella pics that confirm the pig is massive.
As for Sophia and Bryson, I have no idea if these two are still going strong. After all, that was back in mid-June when they were giving goodbye kisses in her bedroom. Who knows if Bryson has moved on. I can’t possibly keep track of all the stuff I need to keep track of and manage Little BC and BC3 at home and maintain a strong marriage and keep the pool chemicals straightened out.
Look, my guess here is that Bryson told Sophia he’d catch up with her after The Open and they’ll go on some exotic trip to a beach somewhere. This is forever the play with these hot chicks. Get them to a remote locale, fire up the music, tell the front desk to keep the fruit plates and champagne coming and you go nuts for four nights.
HBD, Stella!

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