Our Guy Dan Sat Down With Mo Vaughn To Get The Latest On Fashion & Baseball

Remember our old friend Dan Vollmayer is back to handle interviews in New York City and our first target was our other old friend, Mo Vaughn, who is now up to three appearances on BC. That’s now a record. I believe he has now surpassed Kyle Busch and some other NASCAR guys from over the years. It’s quite an honor for Mo. The first time we talked to Mo was way back in 2016 when he told us about hitting 33 home runs in Little League baseball. That is still one of the greatest tidbits in BC history. What a season for Mo. There was also the appearance on BC in 2017 or so when we sent our marketing girl Lisa to one of Mo’s fashion shows.

Some people like going to Miami for fashion shows. We just wait for Mo’s people to email us because this is a real fashion show. We prefer fashion shows where the models actually eat cheeseburgers and drink draft beer.

Are you a big guy looking for clothes that actually fit? Mo is still chugging along with his clothing line for big guys. That’s right, a big guy designing clothes for other big guys. Shirts, denim, jackets, etc. Mo has you covered. Wait until you see Mo’s denim shorts collection.

[MVP Collections – Mo Vaughn] [@DanVollmayer]

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