Brewers Relief Ace Josh Hader To Undergo Sensitivity Training After Foul Tweets
Josh Hader’s first All-Star Game experience tanked on multiple fronts — on the field he was lit up by Jean Segura, and off the field, of course, he was outed for homophobic, racist, and sexist tweets he sent out as a teenager. But there is good news for the Brewers relief ace everyone loved up until Tuesday night… he’s not getting suspended.
Instead he’s being mandated to undergo sensitivity training, which honestly sounds like something Michael Scott would have to go through:

Brewers GM David Stearns condemned Hader’s tweets in a statement, but also stated the team “will work through this issue with Josh:”

Basically Hader is way too good, and cheap (still in the pre-arbitration stage of his contract), for the Brewers to just cut ties with him for good. No surprises there.
Hader locked down his Twitter during the ASG, and has since deleted his account. His Instagram page has also been taken down.

Here’s Josh addressing his nasty tweets postgame:

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