Someone At SEC Media Days Asked Kirby Smart About Jacob Eason In His Team's QB Battle

A quick check of Jacob Eason’s Instagram shows us how much he’s enjoying life now that he’s back home in Washington as a Washington Huskies quarterback. He’s been out on the water with friends. The boys. He’s already dressed for the Washington spring game. He’s moving on from his Georgia quarterback days now that Jake Fromm owns that job that he inherited when Eason went down in the first game of 2017 against App State. Eason transferred in February! 
That didn’t stop a print reporter today from asking Kirby Smart about his quarterback battle heading into camp between Eason, Fromm and Justin Fields. That’s right, a question about how the Washington QB fits into Kirby’s plan. Folks, I get that it’s the summer and people go brain dead for like 3.5 months and then get themselves in order around August 15, but this is just inexcusable from someone who gained a credential to SEC Media Days.
And it’s normally TV people who ask the dumb questions. Normally the airhead TV guy who likes to tell people how much he knows about football. Now the disappointing part of this story is that we don’t have video – yet – of the guy asking the question. I need that and I need Kirby’s reaction before the end of the day. Someone has it.


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