Bears Fan Lives In Green Bay And Needs To Get Rid Of His Bears Camry — $4000

A Chicago sports fan has an interesting problem: he owns a Bears-themed 2007 Toyota Camry and happens lives in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Suffice it to say the Camry, typically an unassuming vehicle, sticks out like a sore thumb in Packerland and needs to be sold ASAP.
The current owner says he loves the car, but has some anxiety about owning it because he doesn’t have a garage. That means drunken Cheeseheads could vandalize the thing on any given day. In fact, he says it has already been scratched up because of the abundance of Bears logos. He’s looking for someone to save it… for $4,000.
Details from the ad:

I recently bought a new Chrysler 300C, makes 3 cars. I love the car, but it can be nerve racking not owning a garage, as I live in Green bay Wisconsin. I am selling car 2,800 below its value already. The car is in very good condition, runs silently. A few scratches due to Bears logos and living in Green bay Wisconsin. Front brakes rotors, pads recently replaced. Back brakes could use work. New alternator, batter & belt replaced a few months ago. Starter replaced a few years ago. No coolant leaks, A/C and heat works great. Aftermarket stereo, amp included no subs. All 4 doors open with Bears logo showing on ground. Bears logos on seats & headrests. Bears mats are included of course for front & bake. Tires are a few years old, rims are in good condition. Car has no big stains, a few before me owning. I’m only 2nd owner.

*As always, no one on BC has connections to the seller and will not receive commission on a potential sale.

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