16 NSFWBDs React To The Guy Who Called The Cops Over A Hard Foul

L.A. James covered the story earlier today of the rec league basketball player who called the cops over a hard foul at some random gym where guys get fouled all the time and don’t call the cops. In fact, I’ve never heard of anyone calling the cops over a hard foul. You settle it like men and talk shitt on IG or Snap or Twitter. That’s how you’re supposed to fix these things in 2018. You can’t be out here calling the cops like this. They’re too busy.
Don’t take my word for it. Take it from the NSFWBDs who — it was light today on Twitter…I think it’s just the dogg days of summer — universally thought calling the cops over a foul is some of the dumbest shitt they’ve ever heard of.
So the cops showed up, calmed down the guy who wanted to settle this via 911 and then the fuzz went about his business. This was probably the best call the guy has had all month. Think of some of the garbage he has to deal with. This one was easy — walk in, tell the guy to calm down and then scan the room for yoga pants. Then you go up to the desk, hit on a couple of the yoga girls who haven’t been skipping squat day and then you drop a couple of numbers on the ladies.
Not going to lie, cops just might want guys calling them to the gym more often.

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