Alabama Beach Chair Kills Endangered Sea Turtle, Sea Turtle Advocates Are Furious

Via Fox10
At first I thought this was some sort of typical propaganda on Facebook that was, dare I say…#FAKENEWS, and then I opened the story to find out that there was indeed a tragedy on an Alabama beach where a Bama beach chair killed an endangered sea turtle. From the report out of Fort Morgan, it sounds like the Kemp’s Ridley sea turtle got the beach chair stuck around its neck and eventually led to the sea turtle’s death.
Total tragedy.
From WALA:

We have sad news about an endangered species washing up dead on Fort Morgan. The sea turtle was found Saturday morning with a beach chair tangled around its neck.
Experts tell FOX10 News it was an adult female Kemp’s Ridley sea turtle, which is the rarest species of sea turtles.
They’re hoping this can be a lesson to beach goers to clean up behind themselves. A nightmare washing up on Fort Morgan.
“We did it, turtles will not encounter chairs if it were not for us,” said Richard Brewer, a Dauphin Island resident and Volunteer with Share the Beach, an advocacy organization for sea turtles. “Heartbreaking. Truly heartbreaking.”

Be better, Bama fan. Don’t leave your beach chairs like a bunch of disrespectful punks. Now you all look like idiots because we have a dead endangered sea turtle and a news story being passed around Facebook to 200 TV stations or so who are all going to use the same lead image.


via Fox10
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