Mets Fan's Wednesday Night Jog Ruined By Citi Field Security

Last night, Mets fans got treated to the most action they’ve seen all season after this bozo decided to risk it all and take a jog through the outfield. Definitely, the most exciting thing to happen at Citi Field in a while and it’ll probably remain that way until that front office sacks up and promotes Tim Tebow the show.

I think this is our 5th documented fan on the field this MLB season and we would probably have more if these networks would just show these idiots getting slammed like we all want. It seems like we’re having a career year for drunk fans saying, ” F*CK IT” and jumping over that wall.
This kid’s Wednesday night stroll wasn’t bad at all. It looks like he came from dead center and as you can see, made it all the way to the infield. Much further than most of these guys get. He was all about distance. Just a dead sprint from the get-go with no moves in his repertoire except that little stutter step hesi which shook all three security guards closing in. Good effort all around.

Not seen in the first angle…Scott Kingery trying to help out

Just enough to slow him down.

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VIDEO: Tim Tebow Doubles in Double-A All-Star Game