Saquon Barkley Shows No Mercy To Somebody's Kid In Driveway Basketball

Every video I see of Saquon Barkley this summer is him doing some ridiculous-ass workout that no human being should be doing. Like walking up hills in LA holding God knows how much weight with a bungie strapped to him. Or deadlifting 300+ pounds before box jumping onto a platform the same height as a small human. Just superhuman shit.
His latest video switches it up a little bit. No weights are being thrown around in this one. It’s just him showing no mercy to some trash talking kid in his driveway.

That hoop may be a little low, but if I remember correctly from the combine, Saquon’s vert is sitting somewhere around 40 inches, so I don’t think he’d have a problem handling this kid on a 10-foot rim.

He’s a dad now, no time to play. Just gotta dunk on them

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