Richie Incognito On His Way to Save LeSean McCoy
Bills running back LeSean McCoy is accused of setting up an attack that left his ex-girlfriend Delicia Cordon beaten and bloodied in her house. McCoy says the allegations against him are “baseless” and “offensive,” while Cordon believes she was set up. Basically no one knows anything for sure right now… except Richie Incognito, who says he knows the “real story.”

Incognito has been tweeting out support for McCoy over the last two days, sending prayers up for his former teammate and starting the hashtag, #PRAY4SHADY:
Seems like a bit much, but Incognito believes in his guy — so much so that he apparently flew out on Thursday to save McCoy from something:
It’s been a weird offseason for Incognito. He retired and was released by the Bills in May, and was later involved in a gym altercation that left him placed on involuntary psychiatric hold. He told the Associated Press he wants to play another season a couple weeks after that incident.

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