DeAngelo Williams Returns To Professional Wrestling, Gets Kicked In The Balls & Takes A Steel Chair To The Back

.@AustinAries just kicked NFL star @DeAngeloRB low and LAID WILLIAMS OUT! #IMPACTonPop


About a year ago, former NFL running back made his professional wrestling debut at TNA’s Slammiversary Sunday Night where he actually wasn’t terrible, but also was pretty damn close snapping his neck into two. Three days after that match he announced his retirement from wrestling.

But last night, he was BACK. You never know with these wrestlers. They retire for a year and then all of sudden out of nowhere they’re in the ring again. DeAngelo is really embracing this. Just tell everyone it was part of the storyline.

His return wasn’t all that glorious as you can see the video. Not only did he take a dangerously realistic looking kick to the balls, but also his first professional steel chair to the back on his way to an L. Gotta take your lumps just like everyone else.

Love him diving all the way into this and mixing it up on Twitter

Hey @AustinAries I guess u are hot stuff now that u cheap shotted me and hit me with a chair when I wasn’t looking! Why don’t u square up like the belt collector u claim to be! Make it happen @IMPACTWRESTLING 😡😡

— DeAngelo Williams (@DeAngeloRB) July 13, 2018

It’s must see not because that wrestling reject @AustinAries was there it’s because he interrupted my interview and imposed I said I wouldn’t get back in the ring again but that little pint size Mattel toy has me on the edge

— DeAngelo Williams (@DeAngeloRB) July 13, 2018

Last year’s match