Clippers Offering Tour Of Secret Tunnel The Rockets Used To Go Fight Austin Rivers & Blake Griffin

Remember the Staples Center tunnel incident between the Rockets and Clippers from back in January? I’m not sure we ever got the full story on that – and I’m not sure we ever will – but what we do know is a group of Rockets players led by Harden and Chris Paul used a secret tunnel connecting the locker rooms to go fight the Clippers after a game. We later found out that Austin Rivers (shocking) and Blake Griffin were the main targets.

It was a wild story, even though we all knew nothing was actually going to go down. Zero chance this brawl would’ve actually happened. But the fact that they even used this “secret tunnel” to try and go over there made it a hilarious story nonetheless, and one that definitely needs a 30 For 30 at some point down the road.
For now, you can settle for a tour. The Clippers are offering Staples Center tours where you can go into the locker rooms and see all the behind the scenes stuff, along with a stop at the tunnel where you can imagine what would have happened if these guys actually had the balls to throw some hands.

Recap of the incident from The Post

NY Post – Several security guards were present outside the Rockets’ locker room Monday night following a 113-102 loss to the Clippers that got heated on the court. Citing anonymous NBA sources, ESPN reported several Rockets players — including Chris Paul and James Harden — used a back tunnel that connected the two teams’ locker rooms to try to continue the bad blood with the Clippers. They were escorted away by security before anything got physical. The Rockets players’ frustration was focused on Blake Griffin and Austin Rivers.

Chuck and Shaq discussing the “police presence” will never get old

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