GOAT Austin Rivers Reportedly Wanted Trevor Ariza's "B**** A**" to Enter the Clippers Locker Room

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Austin Rivers is shockingly catching flak for being in the middle of this Rockets-Clippers locker room drama, which should surprise no one at this point. People just hate Austin despite the fact that he’s developed into a solid NBA player, that’s how it’s always going to be as long as he plays for his father. But let’s get one thing straight: this guy triggered a meltdown on the second best team in the Western Conference WITHOUT PLAYING.
You want an example of a team being mentally weak, here it is. Four Rockets players (Chris Paul, James Harden, Trevor Ariza, Gerald Green) were so hot over some banter that they allegedly took some backdoor entrance to the home locker room in an attempt to get at Austin and possibly Blake Griffin:

Austin, of course, was yapping alongside Patrick Beverley all night. He was spotted chirping towards Ariza towards the end of the game, a move that ultimate let to Griffin’s ejection:

Sports Illustrated notes Austin didn’t chill whatsoever postgame, and reportedly wanted a piece of Ariza:

A hallway runs between the Clippers locker room and the visitors locker room, where players from opposing teams often see each other and catch up. According to a Rockets source, Ariza was waiting on Griffin, and when the game ended he charged from the hallway into the Clips locker room. When Rivers spotted Ariza near the entrance, according to the source, he said: “Let his b—– a– come in.” Ariza then turned his attention to Rivers.

Sounds like a guy who dropped 36 on the Rockets the last time they played.
Fun fact: The Clippers and Rockets would play in the first round if the regular season ended today.

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