Report: Robert Williams Lost His Wallet Twice In Two Days
Keep an eye out on the Boston Celtics’ employment opportunities page in the coming months, because they might have to post a “Chaperone/Player Assistant” position for rookie center Robert Williams.

Williams, of course, has been an absolute dumpster fire since becoming a professional athlete. He’s made headlines for oversleeping a conference call, missing a flight, and missing a practice. Oh, and he apparently has an artery condition in both his legs, so there are all sorts of red flags popping up.

Keeping up with the dumpster fire theme, MassLive reports another folly Williams is guilty of — misplacing his wallet… twice!
Via Mass Live:

The rookie big man realized he had left it at his hotel, and making his 5:30 p.m. flight briefly looked dicey as the community event ticked toward 3 and then 3:30 p.m. Eventually, however, the staffers recovered the wallet back at the hotel, and Williams finished his event peacefully.
A day later, as Williams was preparing to leave for the airport to hop on a flight back to Boston, he realized that — once again — his wallet was missing. Once again, he knew where it was — former Texas A&M forward D.J. Hogg had it. But Hogg was already back in Dallas, nearly three hours away.
“I was like, ‘Yo bro, I can’t get my wallet. D.J., send me my wallet,'” Williams said.
But Williams said Hogg told him overnight shipping was too expensive.
“I was like ‘Bro, you have money bro,'” Williams said. “But he just brought it out here (to Las Vegas).”

Suddenly Williams at pick No. 27 doesn’t seem like such a steal, but who knows, maybe Brad Stevens will work his witchcraft and make this work.

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