Robert Williams Really Needs To Get It Together

Does three strikes and you’re out apply to the NBA? We’re only asking because Robert Williams, who’s been a member of the Boston Celtics for like a minute, has already ****ed up twice in his short tenure with the team.
Robert, of course, made headlines for oversleeping a conference call that was scheduled the morning after the draft. He claims he was getting a good night’s rest at his aunt’s house after a draft celebration at Buffalo Wild Wings (via MassLive):

“Right after the draft, I actually ran to my aunt’s house and went to sleep because I was so tired from everything,” Williams said. “When I woke, my sister was like, ‘You had a conference call.'” Williams also confirmed it was, “a good night’s sleep after a busy two days.”

Entirely plausible given draft week is media hell for prospects. However… Rob earned another infraction this weekend by a missing a practice because he was late for his flight:

The disappointed Celtics will reportedly handle the situation “internally:”

Williams was a projected lotto pick in this past year’s draft but fell all the way to the Celtics at No. 27. Plenty of blog boys labeled the pick a steal initially, but there are some troubling signs early.

At least he made one practice:

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