Gordon Hayward's Wife Robyn Addresses Their Gender Reveal Reaction









Unless you been off the grid this week, surely you’ve have come across Gordon Hayward’s sad gender reveal. Basically, it’s just Hayward – who already has two daughters – looking like the most defeated man on the planet when he finds out he’s about to have a third.

“Daddy’s always happy”, he says as he kicks a balloon and stares off into the distance contemplating the next 20+ years of his life.
The video went crazy viral. You had dads with daughters who knew exactly what he was feeling at that moment, you had feminists losing their minds because they always do, you had Jazz fans calling him a fraud because they just do that at every chance they can. It was a fantastic video of a guy who clearly just wanted another man in the house for once.
But of course, with it came controversy and Gordon’s wife Robyn felt the need to address the reactions they were getting on Instagram yesterday. She wants everyone to stop being so sensative.
[protected-iframe id=”056daa00fd27d50b2b809a6b993d5b04-22577676-58132778″ info=”https://streamable.com/s/brhvk/hnmygs” width=”600″ height=”1067″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=””]
I agree, Robyn.

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