Buy This Philadelphia Eagles Tailgating RV — Only $800!

via Craigslist
No. That isn’t a typo. You can actually buy into the Philadelphia Eagles tailgating game for just $800, which is basically a chunk out of one paycheck if you aren’t a total loser. Of course, there’s a reason this Eagles-inspired 1974 Tioga is priced under $1,000:
1) The interior apparently “needs a little TLC”
2) The electric cord that supplies electricity needs to be repaired
Basically if you’re up for a tailgate project this is the buy for you. There are no additional photos provided by the seller beyond the main image, so you’ll have to email the guy to find out if the interior is a disaster.
From the ad:

1974 Tioga Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles RV. Completely decked out with Eagles logos inside and out. Inside needs a little TLC but is completely functional. The toilet and tank are functioning. The only repair needed is the electric cord that supplies RV with electric. We have used a generator for tailgating and have had no issues. Realistic offers considered. Newer tires. New radiator and belts.

The Eagles are coming off a Super Bowl win and loaded up this offseason with additions like Michael Bennett and Mike Wallace. Oh, and Carson Wentz will be back from his unfortunate knee injury — 2018 should be lit for the Eagles.
*As always, no one on BC has connections to the seller and will not receive commission on a potential sale.

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